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One Year Ago Today, on Beauty and the Beast…

Today is the one year anniversary of Heart of Darkness and Evan Marks' celestial birthday! Tweet him (@EvanMarksMD) and Max Brown (@MrMaxBrown) some love! #MissingEvanMarks #BatB 

It’s also the one year anniversary of our most successful trend of S1. On Thursday, April 18, 2013, #SaveEvanMarks trended in the top 10 U.S. trends for a total of 25 minutes, Worldwide for 25 minutes and then another 25 minutes Worldwide the following day, April 19, 2013. 

Why The Cow?

Almost 2 weeks after posting an unsubstantiated, factually inaccurate, and hateful attack on Beasties, a self-purported TV journalist saw fit to tweet the link to the same attack to a very famous TV/movie star after she saw a bunch of them daring to have fun with him on twitter. Which finally leads me to publicly state a question that’s been burning my curiosity: Why? 

Not just why would she feel the need to post the link again. Not just why would she feel the need to disperse innocent fun as it was happening. Let’s go all the way back to what prompted the attack in the first place: She was extremely upset at Beasties for scheduling a trend instead of participating in a Starcrossed (SC) marathon, to the point that she not only berated Beasties for bad behavior in her timeline, but she also attacked one of the #BatB stars for encouraging it. Why? 

Let’s look at motive. This woman had a proverbial cow when she saw a flyer detailing the trending tag and times for Monday night and that said trend would overlap Starcrossed’s East Coast airing. We’ve been Monday Marathon tweeting for ratings, with the added hope of trending, since October 7th. The only thing different about this night was that it was the first one of spring hiatus, BatB wasn’t on TV and Beasties were already beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms. And angst, because the future of the show has not yet been announced. So, they took their angst and moved to action, doing what they know how to do - have a trend party and let The CW know that we’re still here. On the usual night. At the usual time.

So, why the cow? She’s a TV journalist and should have no opinion either way, right? Except, two months ago, she was at the SC launch party and live tweeted it. Nothing wrong with that. It looked like she was having a lot of fun! Except for someone claiming to watch 100+ TV shows, she posted so many glowing tweets about SC in the following weeks, her timeline became disproportionate. And she participated in their live tweets. And she began strongly encouraging Beasties to watch SC, practically guaranteeing that doing so would increase BatB’s ratings. Wait. What?

"Is she on SC’s payroll?" I wondered to myself. I had watched a few episodes and, no offense to Starcrossed, but it wasn’t exactly Breaking Bad, you know? Oh well, to each their own. I stayed quiet.

And then came that disgustingly inaccurate and hate-filled blog the next day. Wow. That’s all. Just wow. And then, to add further insult to injury, she accused Beasties afterward of issuing death threats in response. Having been here since June 2012 and interacted with most, if not all, Beasties once or twice since then, I find that claim highly suspect. I saw the reactionary tweets to the original post. They were understandably upset, they were indignant, but in no way were they threatening. So again, I’m wondering, why the cow? I can only come up with two possible explanations:

1. She’s on Starcrossed’s payroll and her efforts didn’t reflect positively in the previous night’s ratings; and/or

2. She had so much fun at Starcrossed’s launch, she became a little “star-struck” (sorry ;D), promised that she would help them build their fanbase by recruiting Beasties, and felt her reputation was soiled when she failed to produce.

If not one or both of my above theories, then why? I urge you to think about it and ask yourself the same question. Focus on the motive behind the action, not just the action itself. 

If one or both of my theories is accurate, then what would your next move be? I would probably fan the flames and keep the controversy going. Break up the fandom that made me look incompetent and effectively silence their renewal efforts. Evade any and all requests for proof to the claims made in the hate blog by diverting attention to something else. Find a way to profit from the cow. And lo and behold, she seems to be attempting to do all of those things.

After she tweeted the link for that hate blog to the aforementioned TV/movie star last night - almost 2 weeks after the cow - I finally broke my silence this morning and politely, but directly, asked her if she was on SC’s payroll. She denied it, but then deleted the denial. Recanting? Afraid of being caught in a lie? Why else would she delete? I doubt we’ll ever know the answer to that one. 

However, two things we do know for certain:

1. She’s loving the attention. More hits and site views for her blog, right? More twitter followers because everyone loves a good controversy, right? 

2. The bigger the inter-fandom war, the easier it is to divert attention from the fact that the hate-filled blog she posted was factually inaccurate, biased, and libelous. It’s so much easier to cry foul and claim bullying than to provide proof when your credibility is questioned, isn’t it?

Beasties, please withdraw the attention upon which she thrives. Don’t tweet her, don’t follow her, and if her ongoing hate mongering tweets are still upsetting you when they appear in your timeline, block her. It’s not giving up, it’s turning away. There’s a difference. 

Don’t milk her cow. 

~ Cat ;) xo

Int’l Beasties: How to Buy #BatB iTunes Season 2 Pass



Purchasing Season One & Two of #BatB is a Must for any Beastie looking to support the show!!

Why? Simply put a show that makes money will stay on the air longer. Season 3 Renewal is the aim!

For a lot of International Beasties,  #BatB doesn’t air in their country yet & if it does new episodes are aired months after the US. So instead of torrent download/ live streaming #BatB because of this, why not purchase an OFFICIAL copy & assist the show we all love!

No more complaining peeps with “I wish I could help..” because YOU CAN! ;)

The #BatB Season 2 Pass includes all 22 episodes in High Definition available to watch & download on any of your Apple Devices for $29.99 (USD).That’s $1.36 for each episode (costs more if you buy each episode individually)!

The instructions after the cut, work. If you are hesitant  do 2 mins of research & Google the method - you will see a ton of articles on how to do it.

READ/WATCH the steps BEFORE attempting this, that way you don’t run into something unexpected etc.

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